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your frame

We make the frame

You put in the artwork

We save time

You save money!

This is a simple offer, and (we think) a good one at that...


Come in and see us!

This offer is only available in store, so pop in...

Click here if you want to find us >


Choose your frame. 

We will provide you with expert help and breakdown the costs and the options available to you. 


We will make your frame.

All of our frames are made with care and expert knowledge from quality materials.


You add your artwork.

Collect your frame and add your artwork in the comfort of your own surroundings. We will talk you through the process. It takes a little time, but is very achievable, and can even be extremely rewarding.


You save 35% off the price!

Because you add the artwork, we do not charge you for our expert time. You earned it! It's an amazing saving...

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